IT Security

Every business experiences problems with IT security. These are found in applications, custom code, financial systems and websites. Even more, security providers are typically viewed as a burden. This is because security issues create costs and slow down business flow.

Really, IT security is a must have in today’s technology age because of the threats that exist. Not to mention, it’s no longer an option. Most businesses are required to have data protection by customers, to be sure. For example, compliance reports include this information.

Our IT Security Services are a must for securing your data. We will protect your data from external attacks, internal staff or accidental exposure. We make sure that your applications and systems are protected. All findings are also included in a report. Our engineers review the results. Then, they recommend solutions to better protect your data and network. Contact us today to help secure your business!

Cardholder Data Environment

Credit card transactions take place over a Cardholder data environment (CDE). CDEs with reduced scope make it easier to reach and hold PCI compliance. Also, they reduce the impact and costs of compliance. In addition, they are likely to provide a higher level of security for consumer payment card information. To help you with your CDE, we will analyze your CDE.  Then, we recommend ways to reduce its scope.

Network Penetration Testing

We perform Network Penetration Testing. This dictates the best security plan for your organization. We document each service provided. We use the documentation to create an action plan. Ultimately, this action plan will fix any vulnerabilities.

PCI Compliance

We go over your PCI compliance with you and answer any questions you have. We provide you with a written roadmap with actions steps to obtain overall PCI compliance.

Website | Application Assessment

We review the performance of your website and applications completely. We include a report of all vulnerabilities as part of the process. Even more, we go over the report with you. Finally, we create a plan based on our discussion with you.