Network Design?

You depend upon your IT infrastructure to support your overall business. Even more, you require a network with high availability. To make this a reality, we will develop an effective network design for you. You can put your trust in the design we will create for you.

This trust in a network allows you to do more by reducing disruption. We back this up with 27 years of experience. Our engineers know what you need to run your network. To help you, we sit down and design the best network for based on your needs. This includes reliable IT networks and data centers. We have done this notably for many businesses.

BlueCane Technologies is dedicated to making sure that you get the most out of technology. We know what it takes to create and put plans into action that include all areas of IT. Here are the many services that we offer for design, implementation and optimization:

Server Consolidation

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by reducing the numbers of servers your company uses.

LAN | WAN | Wire­less | VPN

We provide a variety of network options. Choose the best option for your business.

IT Data Cen­ter

Your information is stored offsite and accessed through a dashboard engineered for easy access.

Fire­wall Tech­nolo­gies

We keep your information safe from unwanted access.

SAN | NAS Stor­age Arrays

Dedicated high-speed network to connect you to your stored data to optimize usage.

Backup | Recov­ery

We keep your information backed up for you in case it is lost somehow.

Secu­rity Com­pli­ance

We can assure that your system is safe and protected according to your needs and usage.

Voice | Video Con­fer­enc­ing

Communicate with stakeholders in the most up-to-date means that are common in the marketplace.