Server Virtualization

Businesses are moving towards Server Virtualization technologies as a way to get more out of server usage. This helps by reducing the number of systems they support and manage, for one thing. Also, it makes most of the processing power of a server. In addition, it fixes the problem of an overcrowded data center. Instead of one physical machine, you now have multiple virtual machines for you to use.

Server virtualization is a prime product in the IT field, and we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with the services we provide. BlueCane Technologies has decades of experience in managing, optimizing, securing, and supporting critical data centers for businesses. Our engineers will create a plan that allows you to use virtual servers to meet your business needs. We think big picture when it comes to your company’s tech needs. We give you support throughout the tech’s life cycle.

Server Consolidation

There is a greater demand on IT to solve business challenges, data centers quickly fill to capacity and each new server purchase increases capital and operating expenditures as well as administration, power and cooling costs.

Application Deployment

Most enterprises support hundreds if not thousands of applications. IT is constantly challenged with deploying new software, upgrades and patches.

Disaster Recovery

As every enterprise knows hardware and software failures, natural disasters, and even planned maintenance result in downtime that can bring business to a halt.

Lower TCO / Higher ROI

Implementing virtualization saves a lot of money. You can achieve much greater savings than most organizations realize. An end-to-end virtualization strategy can maximize your investments and lower the cost of ownership across your IT infrastructure.


Securing corporate workstations against viruses, breaches and theft takes tremendous IT resources. In addition, the immeasurable damage that data loss alone can bring to enterprises and their customers. Achieving an optimized infrastructure using server virtualization is not an easy task.